Our Story

Hi! My name is Kasey and I’ve been crafty since I can remember. My grandma was the one who inspired me to be crafty! I work full time as a counselor and make resin items on the side. I started making custom tumblers and have now expanded into resin pieces! It’s hard to pick a favorite because both are really fun! My husband Tyler is creatively impaired, but he tries to help however he can! We have 3 pups who you can get to know a little bit more below. Hence where the name comes from. I hope my creations can bring some joy to your lives!


Charlie is the oldest and wisest of the craft inspirations. He is known to be bit grouchy at times and stubborn, but with that said he’s a great therapy dog. He is very in-tune with how we’re feeling and knows how to cheer us up with kisses if we’re feeling down. He is also a fighter, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma in December of 2018 and he kicked it’s butt! His favorite thing in the whole world is belly rubs from Grandma!


Tucker who until recently was the youngest has now graduated into big brother! He’s a 75 lb boxer mix and he is a gentle giant. Don’t tell him he’s big, because he thinks he’s a lap dog! Nothing makes him happier than being able to snuggle up with one of us on a blanket. He loves being involved in everything we do. He seems to be a magnet for the spare specs of glitter that get loose and he wears it proudly!


Rosco is the newest addition to our family. He’s a Boxer pup that was in a loving home for the first 3 months of his life. Unfortunately his original owners were forced to move due to financial situations and they were no longer able to keep the cute little guy. We graciously took him in and our lives are the better for it. He’s the sweetest little guy that loves to snuggle and gives plenty of kisses! He completes the crafty dog trio!